TheraLED LED light therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

LED light therapyWhat is TheraLED™ ?

TheraLED can be handheld or strapped in place. High quality lithium battery operated, therapeutic device. It is the product of over 20 years of world wide research in light therapy.

TheraLED™ is based on the same principals as the more expensive laser light therapy.

TheraLED™ uses light impulses from Light emitting diodes (LED) to safely stimulate muscles and joints in need of help to begin the healing process.

How does TheraLED™ relieve pain?

The stimulation of enzymes required by muscles and joints, to allow for a renewed increased circulation to the area being treated.

TheraLED™ stimulates our auto-immune system to activate the release of  both anti-inflammatories and natural pain relievers called endorphins. These healing agents and pain relievers circulate throughout our bodies and are automatically redirected to the site of TheraLED™’s application. Both clinical and at home use show repeated applications improve pain relief and assist our natural healing process to reduce recovery time of injured tissue.

TheraLED™ will compliment both traditional medicine and professional therapy.

What is TheraLED™ effective for ?

Designed to relieve both acute and chronic pain syndromes, TheraLED™ is especially effective in relieving the following conditions:

Now, with TheraLED™, acute and chronic pain sufferers may enjoy home access to the same effective equipment as professional therapy clinics. Regardless of profession, or level of physical activity, everyone suffers from occasional pain and discomfort.
If you are suffering now or are just prone to injuries, your own personal TheraLED™ will certainly appeal to you.  You have nothing to lose but pain.

What is Light Therapy?

All life on the planet is dependant upon light energy (photons) from the sun. This energy is then used in the process of photosynthesis to create glucose and oxygen. We also receive energy directly from the sun, independent of our food supply, and even though the amount we receive is far less than that which comes from food, it is essential for good health.

Light Therapy is not new.  It is as old as the sun. Harnessing and refining this therapy through the use of tuned low level light is new, and can enhance, rather than oppose the body’s own innate healing powers.

Do I require training?

Absolutely not! No previous knowledge of light therapy is required for safe use. TheraLED™ may be applied by either pain sufferers or health professionals by referring to our comprehensive, easy to use, booklet.

This user friendly, portable method of Light Therapy may be applied anytime or anywhere pain relief is needed.
The entire treatment process is exceptionally short, usually less then 10-20 minutes.
This adds up to great savings of precious personal time, in that TheraLED™ can reduce the number of times and dependency of professional therapy.
TheraLED™ can provide years of pain relief of stiffness and inflammation for the whole family.